Upon completion of this course, students should have:

  • A critical approach to the appraisal of research work;
  • The skills to identify and prioritise issues in health research and practice;
  • The capacity to apply epdiemiological and biostatistical theory and methods in practice, including the demonstrated ability to: Identify health issues and formulate research questions; Locate, synthesise and critically appraise epidemiological data, systems and research; Design and appraise epidemiological studies; Summarise and report epidemiological data; Apply standard methods of statistical analysis used in epidemiology; Interpret and apply the findings of epidemiological studies; Prepare grant applications and manuscripts and deliver effective oral presentations; 
  • Developed business and communication skills that are relevant to the workplace.  

Course Description

Epidemiology is the scientific method used to track population health, to find cause of disease (and health) and to identify ways to prevent disease. It is often called the basic science of public health, but its principles extend to clinical research and practice.

Epidemiologists are the medical detectives for populations. They solve puzzles about who gets diseases, what causes disease and how to prevent disease.

The Master of Science (Epidemiology) course is taught by the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, which is in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences. The School has strong programs of epidemiological research in many areas of importance for public health in Australia and globally.

You will have the ability to undertake independent research in Epidemiology with the potential to progress to a PhD degree.

Career outcomes

Epidemiologists are in high demand because of a national shortage. As a graduate, you may find a rewarding career in:

  • Medical research institutes
  • Universities
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Government
  • Hospitals

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