Our students graduate with:

  • High-level experience in and ability to conduct independent research in the biosciences;
  • Ability in reviewing and assessing scientific literature;
  • Ability in hypothesis testing, design of laboratory and/or field experiments;
  • Ability in advanced scientific techniques, data analysis and interpretation;
  • Written and oral presentation skills;
  • Potential to proceed to a PhD.

Many of our graduates work go on to work with government departments at both a state and federal level, and with environmental protection, regulatory or management agencies. Others have proceeded with a PhD and a career in research and development. Jobs held by some of our graduates include:

  • Research technician with the Centre for Aquatic Pollution Identification & Management
  • Environmental officer with the Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority
  • Marine scientist with the Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre
  • Founder of a scientific magazine
  • Project officer with the Federal Department of Environment
  • Taxonomical classification with Museum Victoria
  • Employee at an oyster aquaculture hatchery
  • Review officer with the Climate Change Authority

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