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Upon completion of this course, students should have:

  • A detailed technical understanding of the key advanced methods used in the contemporary biotechnology sector;
  • An appreciation of how these techniques are applied both in biotechnology and in advanced research;
  • Acquired the knowledge to enable them to critically appraise new data arising from the use of these techniques and to interpret the implications of such data;
  • Developed an understanding of the commercial, financial and regulatory context in which the biotechnology sector operates.

Course Description

Biotechnology is the use of living organisms or their systems, to make products of value. It is a fundamental area of applied science that covers a diverse range of specialist fields necessary to take biological and medical knowledge from a discovery to a marketable product.

The Master of Biotechnology is designed to provide a higher level of specialised scientific learning together with executive skills training and options in business, communications and management. This degree provides the flexibility to choose from a range of electives to complement your specific interests and focus.

The University of Melbourne is a hub for biotechnology research, and draws on high profile, active researchers to teach into the course. Not only will you be taught by world leaders in biotechnology, you will also benefit from:

  • Industry colloquia, where you can network with guest speakers from industry
  • Opportunities to undertake a significant project with an industry partner in your final year 
  • Executive skills training in the areas of business, communications and management

We are passionate about our work at Sienna and actively engage in the development of young people seeking to establish careers in the biotechnology industry.

- Sienna Cancer Diagnostics has hosted industry projects since 2015. Read more about Sienna's experience with the program here

The Master of Biotechnology is affiliated as a Professional Science Masters (PSM) program with the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS).

The PSM degree is a distinctive advanced degree for those intending to pursue a career in the practice of science. PSM programs prepare graduates for high-level careers in science that have a strong emphasis on such skill areas as management, policy, entrepreneurship.

To find out more about PSM, please visit the ScienceMasters website.

Career outcomes

Biotechnology is applied in many industries and fields of research, such as in modern medicine and pharmaceuticals (producing antibiotics, creating vaccines), animal breeding (DNA profiling and cloning), and food science (producing more nutritious food, and/or genetically modified food).

As a graduate, you may find a rewarding career in:

  •          Product development
  •          Project management
  •          Pharmaceutical industry
  •          Investment analysis
  •          Health sector
  •          Quality control
  •          Food and beverage companies
  •          Scientific legislation/patent consulting
  •          Hospitals
  •          Education/universities
  •          Primary industries
  •          Biochemical industries

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