Upon completion of this course, students should have:

  • Developed skills, knowledge, understanding and competence in the area of environmental horticulture or production horticulture;
  • Analysed problems, advise, guide, develop and organise horticultural programs and operations;
  • Developed a holistic approach to horticulture through an understanding of the biological, socio-cultural and environmental factors within the system;
  • Extended scholarly and critical attitudes in the discipline of horticulture.

Course Description

The Graduate Diploma of Urban Horticulture is nested within the Master of Urban Horticulture (Coursework). It is designed to fulfil the needs and demands of those who have qualifications in disciplines other than horticulture and who wish to emphasise the study of the horticultural system from a technological, sociological and management perspective. There is a focus on the design, implementation and management of urban landscapes. The course provides excellent linkages and contacts to the urban horticulture industry, adding to the currency and relevancy of the study experience, but also building employment opportunities for the future. The course can be completed as a pathway into, or an exit point from, the Master of Urban Horticulture program.

Career outcomes

As a graduate, you may find a rewarding career in:

  • Arboricultural services
  • Tree management
  • Urban parks and public open space management
  • Revegetation and restoration
  • Residential landscape design
  • Landscape and asset management
  • Landscape construction

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