Upon completing this course, you will:

  • Develop knowledge, skills, understanding and competence in areas of forest systems management;
  • Develop a thorough approach to sustainable forest management;
  • Understand the biological, economic and environmental factors that shape the development of forest resource management enterprises in Australia;
  • Increase your knowledge and analytical capabilities appropriate to forest systems and related specialist disciplines;
  • Extend your scholarly and critical attitudes in forest and natural resource management disciplines.

Course Description

The Graduate Certificate in Forest Systems Management develops knowledge and practical skills for managing forest resource enterprises, and provides graduates with key networks in this sector nationally. All subjects within the course are offered as short-stay intensives supplemented by self-directed study; this teaching mode is well suited to part-time study and for participation by students based anywhere in Australia. Graduates gain an understanding of forest systems and their management including environmental, economic and social aspects. The forest systems management award will qualify graduates for specialist forest management positions within the forest and natural resource management sectors and provide a pathway to further study.

Career Outcomes

As a graduate of this program, you can enjoy a rewarding career in:

  •          Environmental consultancy
  •          Private contractor
  •          Conservation
  •          Government institutions

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