Upon completion of this course, students should have:

  • Knowledge, skills, understanding and competence in the area of bushfire science, management,  and building and planning design to mitigate bushfire risk;
  • A thorough approach to bushfire planning assessments theory and practice through an understanding of conceptual planning and building issues and knowledge of the environmental, regulatory and policy drivers that influence building and planning in bushfire-prone areas of Australia;
  • Increased knowledge and analytical capabilities appropriate to building planning and management in bushfire prone environments;
  • Competence in the assessment, planning and design of new developments or modification to existing buildings in bushfire-prone environments using prescribed provisions;
  • Extended scholarly and critical attitudes in bushfire planning and management disciplines.

Course Description

The Graduate Certificate in Bushfire Planning and Management combines specialised bushfire science with: urban planning, design and construction, and fire management subjects, to meet the urgent need to equip existing professionals with the world's best practice skills in managing fire risk across the urban-natural environment interface. The course covers aspects of bushfire knowledge from building planning and regulation (Planning Stream), through to fire management and landscape-level considerations (Management Stream).  Students have the opportunity to develop professional networks in the fire risk management area, and to consolidate their learning through participating in case studies. 

There are two specialist streams:

  1. Bushfire Planning: developed for people who have a role in either the design or regulation of development in a bushfire environment such as planners, building surveyors, engineers or architects. This stream will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to complete bushfire assessments under Australian safety standards of building in bushfire prone areas and for planning permit applications within bushfire management overlay areas.

  2. Bushfire Management: developed for environmental scientists, natural resource managers and bushfire consultants and will qualify you for specialist fire management positions within the forest and natural resource sectors. In this stream you will study specialised subjects that cover biodiversity, ecosystem processes, climate change implications for bushfire risk mitigation, and community natural resource management including engagement and negotiation skills.

These two programs were developed in accordance with a key recommendation of the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission following the Black Saturday bush-fires in 2009 in collaboration with the Victorian Building Commission, Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development, Country Fire Authority and the Fire Protection Association Australia.

Students will be taught by national experts from the University of Melbourne, and the CSIRO.

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